Saturday, December 29, 2012

It will not go away

The enduring question: to upgrade or not to upgrade.

The same question kees popping up on the web; it never fails to amuse me.

Q. Should I by the LX-7 [any camera may be substituted} or should I buy it's successor?

A. Sure, why not wait for the successor's successor ad infinitum so you can always window shop and never buy. Gee you do not even have to go through the annoyance of taking photos...
Seriously, there will always be a successor but in the meantime you can enjoy this little gem of a camera.

My sarcastic initial reply is not as off the wall as it appears as there are such people. I'm not implying that the poster at is one of these as I'm sure he was looking for an honest response. The problem with digital cameras is that there is always something "better" on the horizon. However, this "better" camera will not, necessarily, make you a better photographer. Too often we get rid of equipment before we have fully mastered it and before we have explored it's true capabilities. In a way, we are afraid to see what the camera can do as not to dissuade us from the purchase of that new model we lust over. We need a 12 steps program. Any idea what to call it? The reality is that it' the photographer who takes the pictures.

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