Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rice with broccoli Sicilian style

These very delicious and simple dishes can only be created with the local products that we have here. This celebration of nature as Luigi Barzini described Italian cuisine, can only be pulled off when all the ingredients are super fresh , of the highest quality and organic.
I bought the broccoli that had been harvested an hour or so before, the rice came directly from Vercelli in Piemonte where the best arborio rice is produced, the olive oil came from my neighbor who gave me some this past November, the garlic is local and so is the incanestrato cheese, the Sicilian pecorino.BTW, this is the best time of the year to make cheese here.
Boil the rice and broccoli together and drain. On a dish put some freshly cut up garlic-small pieces- and some real olive oil. Add the rice, mix well add some more oil and top off with the cheese. It's another of those cucina povera dishes very in with hipsters etc. It's also a vegan dish but I do not care about it. If you get fresh broccoli from a farmers market in the States, give it a try. American broccoli have had their flavor taken out, so to speak, but if fresh they are still good. As for the other ingredients try to use the best quality available. Buon appetito carissimi amici e seguaci di questo blog.

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