Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to the future, so to speak for just $ 99.00

For all you retro freaks, your waiting is over. This idea was tried once before by another company but it did not go anywhere. The name Polaroid may change that. But the big question is: will it take selfies?
  Polaroid has announced the Snap, a new Instant Camera designed to allow similar use and that instant gratification that Polaroid Camera fans enjoyed for many years. Of course there's no film because the Snap uses a 10 Megapixel   Sensor that captures and stores photos on a SD card just like any digital camera. In addition and this is what makes it a Polaroid, the new Snap Digital Instant Camera comes with built in printer that can print 2x3" photos, using what Polaroid is calling ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology.
Appearing like any other paper, the ZINK paper is a more complex material that sports a special polymer overcoat that protects the images which are printed using a  different process. The colorized dye crystals use heat.  It appears like a sort of dye sublimation process that results in long lasting, smudge proof prints. It costs only $ 99.00. Today that is a bargain. No news as to how much the paper will cost but it looks like great fun.

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