Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another archive photo for 7-12-10 NIKON F

This is what the New York South Street Seaport looked like at it's infancy; before it became a shopping mall.
It had the old ships but it was smack in the middle of the New York fish market that has now relocated to The Bronx and along with taking much of the character of the area it also took it's pungent redolence that's not missed. I took my children there countless times and practically witnessed it's development. Although it's really a large shopping area, it does have charm along with it's inevitable commercialism. But without this free market vigor it would have become just another city park full of boredom and stupid rules that the pathetic bureaucrats always impose. I sort of miss the old place even though the new one is kind of nice too.
Since this is a photo blog, I will add some technical data. The camera was the trusty Nikon F, the cameras I made my bones with [I had six at one time but they lasted over 20 years and I still have them and will never part with them until I buy the ranch] and the lens was the Nikkor 35mm F2. Very nice combo. The film was as usual Tri-X, great for street photography and the developer was Kodak D-76 at full strength. I still recall that the development time was 8 minutes at 20 degrees centigrate or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. As the song goes: "oh yes, I remember it well...."

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