Sunday, June 11, 2017

Have a delicious week. Eat well

Today, pesto is all the rage and although most so called pesto is actually a far cry fron the authetic one in Genoa, as an Italian I feel elated and flattered that there is such an interest. Nevertheless, I want to explain how authentic pesto is made and served. Using a blender, add  delicate small leaf basil, pignoli, garlic, olive oil  parmigiano,  and sea salt to taste. Na turally the Genoese believe that this dish can only be made in  Genoa but i disagree. The real pesto should actually be made with a mortar and pestle [ pesto comes from pestare that literally to hit something in order to shred it] but today a food processor or a blender on slow to moderate speed will do. What most people do not know is that in the salted pasta water one must add  some finely cubed potatoes and pieces of string beans. If gnocchi are used no potatoes are needed since gnocchi are made from flour and potatoes. Add the pasta,  cook it al dente and mix in the pesto. Serve with additional parmigiano and some pepe bianco, white peppers. Simple, fast and delicious. ENJOY

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