Wednesday, June 14, 2017

One of my first so called serious photograph.

I have posted my very first serious image of downtown Manhattan taken in the fall of 1967 but at that time I really wasn't into photography. I did realize that I could take pictures but it was a year later in 1968, that I bought my first SLR. It was a KOWA SETR with the shutter on the interchangeable lenses. It was bulky but I felt like a photographer. In the spring of 1869, i sold the KOWA and bought my first real SLR with a focal plane shutter, a Canon FT QL [quick loading] that loaded the film well most of the time but proved to be it's Achilles's heel. This was followed by my first Leica, an M4 and a subsequent M2R, followed by a M4-2 and an M2, In 1973 I bought my first of many Nikons. An FTn with the wonderful 105 F2.5 that was converted and still works on my  D 700 etc. I also had a plethora of cameras of various formats needed for my business.  I even used a Burke & James 4X5 view camera and an old 5X7 view camera. Enough history.  This image was made with the KOWA on Ektachrome X film. It was in a small town in New York State, west of the Hudson River. I wonder what happened to these children now adults. Photography is funny that way. Now I began to realize that I could take "photographs"as Paul Simon sang. The rest as they say is history.
The image does shoe that nasty Ektachrome blue cast.

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