Monday, September 26, 2016

San Gennaro

The San Gennaro feast in  Manhattan's so called Little Italy is a New York tradition. It hardly matters that San Gennaro is not actually a real saint. Being the patron Saint of Naples was sufficient in itself to rescind the Vatican's demotion of this so called saint. All hell would have broken lose. This ambiguity maters not neither in New York or Naples because the saint is necessary for the feast. So be it. These are archival slide scans of the 1991 feast. They show the incredible crowds. Throngs of people making moving and walking close to impossible. The crowds get even bigger at night. We can also see the smoke from the plethora of sausage and pepper stands along with the ever present frying of zeppole. Today the fare includes foods congruent with the changing ethnic interest in the feast. It has become a New York feast so it must include New York foods. It is a fun place to visit and alas it's  about to close for this year.

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