Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Sunday / Buona domenica

Flower field in Sicily.
Campo in fiori in Sicilia

An afternoon at the botanic garden / Un pomeriggio al giardino botanico

By botanic garden, what I mean is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a place of sublime beauty and tranquility. One of my all time favorite places. May it always continue to give so much joy to a public in  much need of it.

Giardino  qui vuol dire il Giardino botanico di Brooklyn, un posto d'una bellezza sublime e di tanta tranquillita'. Uno dei posti assolutamente preferiti da me. Possa continuare a dare tanta gioia ad un publico che ne ha tanto bisogno.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Have a bright Friday / Abbiate un venerdi brillante

Shot a few years ago with the canon D-300 in North Eastern Pennsylvania on a cloudy day that brought out the colors. It will soon look like this. Superb.

Late summer splendor / Lo splendore dell'estate inoltrata / E PL-2

Shot in the country as summer wanes and we get ready for that radiant fall that presages a long and cold winter that the less said about it the better.
Foto scattate qui in campagna mentre l'estate si estingue e ci prepariamo per un autunno radiante e glorioso che presagia un inverno longo e freddo che meglio se ne parli meglio e'.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have a great week end / Vi auguriamo una buona fine di settimana

Venezia / Nikon D2-H

These archival shots of Venice on a rainy April day  make me want to get back there as soon as possible. The lens was the Sigma 28-135.

Looks like a winner

What I like about this new camera is that Nikon didn't go nuts cramming too many mega pixels so that low light and noise performance are not compromised.

Nikon Announces the D600 - a New Full Frame DSLR with a 24MP Sensor

D600_MBD14_front.high.jpgNikon has just announced the D600, the smallest and most affordable full frame DSLR on the market today.
This makes it a very welcome camera and one needed in Nikon's lineup.
The new Nikon D600 has a 24.3MP full frame (35mm size) CMOS sensor with a body style, features and controls  resembling the Nikon D7000 a DX format camera. It has a 39 Point Autofocus System, and  9 of the AF Points are Cross type.

The D600 includes weather sealing, and the same EXPEED 3 Processing Engine that is used the higher end Nikon models like the D800, it also has a shutter life expectancy of approximately 150,000 cycles. This new Nikon model also includes an Optical Viewfinder with 100% Coverage.  This feature is usually found on the more expensive Pro Level DSLR models.  The camera can shoot up to 100 JPEG Images at 5.5fps, with dual memory card slots that  support the latest SDHC or SDXC cards with UHS-1 support for faster write speeds. The D600 also has a 3.2" wide angle LCD and built in Flash, along with a hotshot allowing the use of the latest Nikon Speedlights for users wanted more control of lighting.
The new Nikon D600 will record full 1080p HD video at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, and can stream uncompressed footage out over its HDMI port. The D600 uses the lastest H.264.MPEG-4 AVC Video Compression standards to insure optimum quality with lower storage requirements, and the camera also allows the use of full frame (Nikkor FX Series Lenses) during movie recording for users demanding the Depth of Field control a full frame sensor and lenses can deliver, allowing a shallower Depth of Field at than would be possible with cameras using a smaller APS-C Size Sensor. This is an advantage of the FX format.

With this new Nikon DSLR one can use the WU-11b Wireless Adapter to allow easy transfer of images to family and friends, or uploading images to web sites. Nikon will also make applications available to allow control of the camera from Mobile devices running Android or IOS for even more flexibility.

The Nikon D600 will go for approximately $2,099 for the body only, or $2,699 for a kit including a Nikkor 24-85mm F3.5-5.6 lens; and should be available starting September 18th. It looks like a winner and a competitor to the 5D III by Canon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have a beautiful Thursday / Abbiate un bellissimo giovedi

Car show / Canon G-9

This amazing portable camera is a delight and it is still being used by my wife Marcy. Except for some noise at high ISO, it is really wonderful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have a beautiful Wednesday/ Vi auguriamo un bellissimo mercoledi

Final shots of the feast

I find this entire involvement with a statue - this reverence placed on a symbol - very interesting. I understand the sociological reasons and I'm in no way criticizing how people worship or how they express their  spiritual needs needs. As a photographer, I just love these events because they provide  the opportunity for great shots. I also enjoy seeing people having great fun.  My great disappointment was that there was a long line at the zeppole stand and being extremely impatient, I declined to buy any. My stomach thanks me for it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Have a wonderful Tuesday / Abbiate un meraviglioso martedi

View from Erice, Sicily on an early afternoon of August 2011.

La festa del Ventuno a NY / Nikon D-700

The immigrants from Castellammare del Golfo have always paid homage to La Madonna del Soccorso the patron saint and protector of the town and beloved most by it's  fishermen. I have posted many photos of the feast in Sicily, these are of the festa here in Queens. After a mass, the statue is taken around the neighborhood and then it's placed next to the stage on Fresh Pond Road. There are of course all the usual  bancarelle, or street vendors that are a mix of games for children and food for adults. The food reflects the cultural mix of Queens, however the sausage and the zeppole vendors are a must. More photos will follow of this rather impressive four days event that is very popular and well attended. It is interesting to note that the statue is seen by the participants as a holy  relic. The money pinned on it sort of profanes this image but what would a procession be without a statue with money pinned on it. Let's get real folks.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Queens Italian Feast

The Italian feasts tradition was carried over by immigrants and began a tradition of re evocations of the feasts of their old towns. It was a way to keep the ties strong and a way to have fun. This feast is a remake in the Sates of the Festa del Ventuno of Castellammare del Golfo and it honors the same Madonna del Soccorso. More photod will follow.
I can only add:
Have a delicious week / Abbiate una settimana deliziosa