Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another classic favorite archival shot

I believe that this is one of my all time best shots and I took it way back in August of 1969 in Sicily early in my career.
I used Kodachrome II with a canon FT with the Canon 50mm F 1.4 FL lens.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Another one of my favorites

Shot in the summer of 1974 on Kodachrome X with the Nikon FTn and the Nikkor 105 f 2.5. It was scanned on the Minolta Dimage IV film scanner. I hope you like it. Once again it shows how the right time of
day can make all the difference in a shot.

Have a great weekend

Nikon D1-X

Very inteesting news/rumor about the new Olympus PEN line

Looks promising. It looks like news to me.

These images are  from a Chinese blog  and may tell us about the next-generation Olympus PEN. Even though there's no official announcement from Olympus, the  leak  about the camera makes it a so called   open secret. According to the News/Rumors,  the camera will be called the E-P5, and  it will have Wi-Fi capabilities.
No one really knows anything else on the specs but the images, but those that appeared on Chinese tech site, look promising. Are  they real?  It's clear is that Olympus' design department has not rested on it's laurels and have done a great job.  That is if all of this is real.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Classic archival scan / Leica M-4

Some photos that I share are so important to me that I must post then individually. This shot of an old Veteran reviewing the Veteran's Day parade in November of 1975 is one of them. The lens was the 90mm F 2.9 Elmarit and the film was Ektachrome 100 Professional that I would buy in 100 feet rolls at Spiratone and develop in Unicolor chemicals. It was scanned on a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II dedicated film scanner.

Macro shot

Shot in my back yard a few years ago. When I converted from raw I lost the meta data but who cares.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photo tip: time of day

When you get it right it's something really special. The right time of day is really what's most important in panoramic photos. This photo of the Throngs Neck Bride spanning Queens and The Bronx proves the point. As we all know the right light makes the interesting image and early morning and late afternoon are the two magical moments when the special photos are made. The light is not only interesting because of it low angle but it assumes a gorgeous warmth that makes the image so special.
As the meta data indicates, this photo was shot on 6-15-206 at 7:24 PM with the Canon 30-D. The lens was the Canon 16-35 F 2.8 L.

Sensors are getting bigger

It's always good news when the sensors get larger as the image quality will always increase.

A new "Evil" camera released by Samsung.

NX2000_White-thumb-550x472-19537.jpg Samsung USA  has just released an all new NX-Series EVIL / ILC model, the NX2000. This new camera has  many exciting features that  include a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sized image sensor,  a 3.7" touch screen display,  the NX-mount lens system,  and 2D and 3D still and video capabilities ( only when using the optional 45mm 2D/3D lens),  in full 1080p video  at 30fps, burst shooting at up to 8fps, and built-in Wi-Fi with NFC technology.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Romantic blossoms

I have photographed the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden so many times that it really ages me when I try to recall the details. But I love them and especially when captured at their peek. But I just wanted to try using the soft focus filter on the Olympus E PL-2 so here are the results. I hope you approve. If not; please comment.

Monday, April 29, 2013

From a rainy day

What to do on a rainy day is  simple. Stay close by and see what develops. I shot these flowers on the side of my home with the Nikon D-300 that I had not used for some time. The lens was the Micro Nikkor 60

mm F 2.8.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Architectural shots

These were shot in Philadelphia and are of the Barnes Foundation building. The exterior is very interesting and quite striking. The goal of architectural photography is to try to reproduce the essence of the structure and show how it integrates with the rest of the area. Although there's the tendency toward the spectacular, one must never betray the original vision and produce false images.

Enjoy the new week

Nikon D-200