Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally, a trip to paradise with my D-700

Today we finally were able to visit the Brooklyn Botanical garden, one of my favorites places on the planet. All sorts of commitments such as travel had made this not possible. It was a cloudy

day but that can be an advantage when shooting color as it increases the apparent saturation.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute children / Fuji S-1 Pro

Out of the camera JPEGS. Just amazing image quality from an "outdated" 3.4 mega pixels camera.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Venetian arches

A different take on Venice. Images of a large piazza on the Canal Grande that is flanked on three sides by large, massive buildings with arch that lead to the calli.

es that lead to the various

I love this building

The Flat Iron Building as captured by my very talented wife Marcy who should use her camera more often. Many times she puts me to shame and all with her Canon G-9. Brava!

Wi Fi is the new hot item

Panasonic Introduces a New G-series ILC; the Lumix DMC-GF6

Panasonic_DMC-GF6_small.jpg Panasonic  has just released information about a  new Lumix G-series ILC, the Lumix DMC-GF6. This model follows the  popular GF5 from last year, with some up to date improvements. Wi-Fi connectivity, being all the rage these days,  is one of the key new features, giving it  the ability to connect the GF6 to a smart phone or tablet via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing you to instantly upload photos to your favorite social sites or apps, along with the ability to  control the  theGF6 remotely . There's also Wi-Fi Direct technology, that allows you to connect to DNLA compliant devices to easily share photos with friends and family. 

Resolution has been inevitably  increased to 16-megapixels,  along with a  new Live MOS image sensor. Other goodies include a new, so called,  Light Speed AF system, a tiltable (1040k-dot) 3.0-inch Cell Touch LCD screen, and the latest VENUS Engine processor,  plus new Creative Control options (19 total filters), and an Advanced intelligent Auto mode.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Again with the three mega pixels

Well what I am about to state is considered heresy these days but thanks to a more tolerant environment, I can sleep easy. No pyres and no auto de fe.
 Actually I have written  many times before what a competent camera the Fuji S-1 Pro was. It's image quality was exceptional but it's mechanical integrity left much to be desired. It was the camera that I shot with professionally foe over one year while I changed over to all digital. It was a very effective tools. But the heresy is in stating that a mere 3.4 mega pixels was sufficient in rendering phenomenal images. Such a low number is laughed at today but today any ISO under 800 is deemed too low and any camera without auto focus is deemed unacceptable. So what did a do for 30 years without auto focus or with nothing higher that ISO 400 for black and white and 100 for color? People are spoiled and photography has become almost too easy. It's really not fun anymore.
These shots of these great children support my assertions.

Good news for social media fans

High resolution images can now be easily shared

Google+ Now Supports Full Resolution Image  Uploads

Google-Plus-Now-Full-Res.jpgThe so called social media sites have been useful places to upload  images for your friends and family to see, but they've never offered great resolution. There's been a  limit that has kept your photos from being seen in full resolution.  Now, as the result of a photographer twho showed how it could be done, Google+ is finally allowing for full resolution photo uploads. Just go to your account settings and select "Upload photos at full size."

Naturally, Google isn't going to give you all the storage you want for free. If you're going to be using more than 50GB worth of space you must pay. The cost is $2.50 a month for 25GB and $5 a month for 100GB. You can get a max of 16TB if you so desire.

The move is great news to social media   fans and let's hope that Facebook takes the hint and  also allows the possibility for full resolution image uploads.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Heaven an Earth is what it will soon look like at the Brooklyn Botanic. Alas, this year spring is late but I believe that it's now only a matter of days.

Something to brighten your new week