Saturday, October 27, 2012

Have a peaceful Sunday

A funeral

Here in Sicily, death is accepted as part of life but when it inevitably occurs, it becomes a time of  great  social interaction. It becomes an event where emotions run high and where the entire neighborhood must participate. The departed, was not a rich or powerful woman, she lived in a very modest abode on a street parallel to mine, yet her funeral mass an procession were attended by a large throng. All the neighbors just had to be there to show their solidarity and share in the grief.
An interesting thing is that the coffin is not placed into the hearse immediately upon exiting the church but it follows the hearse for a few blocks carried by relatives and friends as a sign of ultimate dedication and respect.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a delicious Saturday

Insalata di polipi siciliana | Sicilian octopus salad

A cloudy day at the marina

Cloudy days are infrequent here but when they do occur,  they provide gret photo ops. These was shot at the marina from a boat owned by my friend Italo.


   When one things of Italian dessert, two things come to mind, cassata and cannoli, of course as most important  components of  Italian culture, both are Sicilian in origins and must be tasted here to be fully appreciated.
   This cannolo was bought at a supermarket where they are freshly filled. It must be noted that cannoli in Sicily are usually twice the size of the imitations sold elsewhere and in the States. I cut then in half otherwise I would need insulin.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have a beautiful Friday

Canon D-20

Brooklyn neighborhood feast

These archival shots date back to the summer of 2001 and were shot with the Fuji S1 Pro. The feasts are traditional events that have their root in the Italian town from which the immigrants came. naturally they are still big events back home even though they have become anachronistic and are more a source of nostalgia rather than entertainment. Together with the many fairs, the feasts were the people's only source of diversion. In the States, they have assumed a rather forced ethnicity were many who have never been to the land of their ancestors, carry on traditions that have been fossilized are a  must along with the many games for the children. They are fun events but strong intestines are needed especially for the zeppole. This is the feast of The Madonna of Mount Carmel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, an area totally gentrified and whose inhabitants known as hipsters get a lot of pleasure in the belief that they are participating in a ethnic event.

Possible "Lens Baby" for Olympus four thirds?

Olympus Has Patented a Lensbaby Type Tilt Focus Lens 

Interesting news for all of us that appreciate the four thirds system. The more competition the better. although a true tilt and shift lens would actually be even better news.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Have a beautiful Thursday

Amaryllis, Sicily, Olympus E PL-2

Shot on a rainy day

Rainy days are rather rare here in Sicily but when they occur they provide nice photo ops. Here are some very recent ones,

News from Nikon

Nikon Has a  New FX-format AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR Telephoto Zoom Lens

NIKKOR_AFS_70_200_VR.high.jpg  The new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR offers a very popular focal range for a wide variety of shooters; whether you shoot portraits, sports, or wildlife.  part of the more affordable
F4 range that  unfortunately is made mainly of plastic on the outside. This is not a pro caliber lens.
Optically, it will surely live up ti Nikon's high optical standards. But handle it with care.

What's really interesting about this new lens is the new VR (Vibration Reduction) system. This third generation VR technology offers a first from NIKKOR, with the ability to provide up to 5 stops of compensation, which is almost unmatched in the world of image stabilization. This not only helps at the longer telephoto end of the zoom, but in low-light situations where you're likely going to be forced into slower shutter speeds. Other features include their SWM (Silent Wave Motor) autofocus motor, and Nano Crystal coating.

Sicilan hospitality

The hospitality and friendliness of my neighbors here in Sicily is endless. This absolutely delicious home made pizza was just brought to me by my Neighbor Angela. What could I say other than mille grazie.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have a delicious Wednesday

Sicilian green cauliflower, fried in real olive oil

Photo ops everywhere

There photo ops are everywhere, this was shot at the MET in New York and what I find of note is the similarity in the shapes between the images on the painting and the person viewing it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Have a lovely Tuesday

Fuji S-2 Pro


Castellammare is a town fast changing itself into a very touristy destination and there's much renovation going on. There are still buildings awaiting conversion and they do make interesting photos. They give a glimpse of the past that is fast disappearing.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Have a beautiful new week

 Olympus E PL-2  Sicilian countryside

Scopello revisited

Olympus E PL-2

 Olympus E PL-2

Olympus E PL-2
This lovely tonnara or tuna fishing outfit, once proud and useful and purposeful, has now succumbed at becoming a tourist mecca. Some bed and breakfast! The view is splendid and the water extremely clean and limpid.

More nails in the coffin

Those heavy and sexy huge cameras are on their way to the scrap heap of history. They will be replaced by increasingly more competent models that will allow anyone to take a decent photo, but best of all, to take it anywhere and anytime without all the fuss. At a cheap price, no less.

The New ContourROAM2 is a Waterproof, Wearable Camera at $199, the price alone is newsworthy.

ContourRoam.jpgThe people at Contour have released brand new waterproof, wearable. It's the CountourROAM2, and it's designed as an entry level alternative to the Countour2. At $199, this matches the price of similar products and offers a few things that some don't.

Reminiscent of the old "movie cameras,  ROAM2, has an instant-on record switch. You don't have to wait for the camera to  up. Press the switch and start recording. It's also available in a variety of colors -a first for Contour cameras. More colors more fun.

Have a beautiful Sunday

Breezy Point

This gated community in Queens, New  York City, is a fascinating place. In the city proper but it could really be in another world. It's homes are very close to one another and on small lots that are sandy. Mostly used as summer dwellings, there's an increasingly growing number of year round residents.