Saturday, August 7, 2010

What to do on a wintry day in NY

Just go to Madison Sqare Park and enjoy the views. Fist you can se the superb Flat Iron Building and lookinh North you can take in the Empire state. I used the Fuji S2-Pro for these shots.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A wiew from my window Canon G 11

A view from my room in Rotondi, north east from Naples. The home of my dear friends the Maiellos who put up with my loquaciuosness. I want to thank them profusely. I also want to thank hie lovely daughters Michela and Angela.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Old Leonardo

Interesting indeed and theorized many times. Now a new book asserts that Leonardo was the creator of the world's first negative,
From Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper.
"il primo negativo "fotografico" della storia che ha come matrice un'immagine mentale»
«Così Leonardo creò la Sindone»
La tesi della scrittrice Vittoria Haziel: «Il maestro usò un ferro arroventato e disegnò sulla tela il suo autoritratto»
Interesting for us photographers.
This is not all. I just finished reading, the "Secret Supper" where Leonardo wa purported to be a Cathar a.d the case is made about the symbolysm in his Last Supper. Very interesting book. No matter what anyone says, the Image of John the Baptist is a woman. Some allege that it's actually Mary Magdalene. Go figure.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More from a walk in the park Canon G-11

A few more from that wonderful afternoon in the park with my son.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two from Castellamare del Golfo with the G 11

I'm finally here, I'm finally home. These are two views from the belvedere.

THe fear of Video is not going away

The buzz word today is still VIDEO.
Its creating quite a stir on many photo websites and blogs. There is great passion for and against video in a still camera.
Personally, I have no use for video. Many of my cameras have had video but never used it. However, the profession is changing especially in photo journalism and internet reportage. We now have so called "webisodes" and other areas of interest to the younger photographers who really have no attachment to the classic cameras as such. We, and I speak for myself and many like me who began decades ago, have an attachment to cameras as cameras and video cameras as video cameras. There is a wall that keeps the two media separate and it gives us comfort. This is the way we have been functioning all these years and we can not even accept that one day video will be accepted as the norm in a camcorder. Just today, when I saw the new Olympus digital Pen, I became all excited. This reaction to a basically limited camera is really my way at going back to simpler times when a camera looked like a camera. I have Leicas that I no longer use and always lusted over an M9. Sadly the latter is too expensive, and limiting. Especially when the new mirrorless cameras are a fraction of the Leica. You get where I'm coming from.
To the newer photographers without all the nostalgic baggage the inclusion of video is absolutely normal and welcome.
It's the way it is. Camera makers try all they can to get an edge on the competition. At this point in time, Canon has the edge at least on video.
This is reminiscent of the coming of DIGITAL. Many photographers who found this new technology strange, many were computer phobic, were totally against it and prognosticated it's irrelevance and demise. To many wishful thinkers, it would go away; it was only a passing fancy. Well, as they say, the rest is history. The chance was not easy but it had to be made in order to stay relevant and in business.
So,if and when I get the 5DII, I will never use video but my daughter, Jennifer Galatioto,a superb professional photographer,is bugging me to get a 5DII just because of the video.
C'est la vie. All the best and happy shooting.
Please comment.
Rocco Galatioto

Monday, August 2, 2010

Itinerary with the G 11

After 5 incredible days in Rotondi, north east of Naples, the guest of Maria Franca and Amedeo Maiello, a university professor, I will be flying to Sicily today. So far the G 11 has proven to be up to the task and more. Very nice travel camera.

Photo for 8-2-10 Yashicamat 124

The venerable Yashicamat 124 introduced me to the world of medium Format. Thi shot was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photos for 8-1-10 Olympus E-300

Two pretty youg ladies at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the E-300 and the 14-45 F 3.5-5.6.