Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have a wonderful Saturday / Abbiate un sabato meraviglioso

I misteri del venerdi santo / Leica M-4

These shots were taken around 1975 or so in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. It was still an Italian neighborhood before it became totally gentrified and trendy. The Italian immigrants carried a lot of cultural baggage with them. Their most important one was their  Catholic traditions that bordered on a kind of superstition. Catholicism is still practiced this way was today. Statues along with other so called sacred artifacts create a "angible religion" where these icons become real as they assume a life of their own. The Church, when talking theologically, will disavow these practices but it encourages them and so they become traditions that are very popular with the flock. Of course this creates a vicious circle  and real ambiguities but who cares as long as the Church is filled and the collection plates overflow.

This manifestation, i misteri, or the mysteries of what apparently occurred on that dark Friday are re enacted. What is produced is a timeless drama of a mother in grief. The whole "stabat mater," setting  that created some sublime musical oratori. We see the Madonna, dressed in black, looking for her Son. They meet eventually as the procession is divided into two, one with the Madonna and one with Christ. Here, they use a glass enclosed, bloodied body of Christ kept in the church and a statue of the Madonna. When the Madonna actually finds her Son, it's actually  a touching moment that almost makes one's disbelief cease. What can I say, it does make for great photo opportunities.  Also, it affords local politicians an opportunity to show their concerns and sensitivity. These Ektachrome shots were all shot with the 35mm Summicron F2,  a sublime lens,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Have a great weekend/ Vi Auguriamo una grande fine di settimana

digital image

New York Bridges / Nikon FTn

These were shot in the seventies on Ektachrome that I developed myself and because of my care in the processing, have kept their colors better that usual.
The top one is the Verrazzano  Bridge and the bottom one is the GWB.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Canon printer fans


Canon's   New Pro Luster Photo Paper

  Canon has intriduced a new type of photo paper known as Pro Luster. It's made to be used with PIXMA professional printers including the PRO-1, Pro9500 Mark II and Pro9000 Mark II.

"Canon understands the importance of providing professionals with the necessary solutions to produce high-quality printing output," says executive VP Yuichi Ishizuka. "The addition of Photo Paper Pro Luster will now give professionals a variety of Canon manufactured papers to choose from to meet their printing needs."

Canon's new photo paper will be available in late June in 8.5" x 11" and 13" x 19" page sizes.
I have always used Epson printers for my work because way back when, the introduction of the Epson 1270 was groundbreaking. Canon has now become a major player and makes excellent printers. After all, they did invent the whole "bubble jet" system.

Have a peaceful Thursday / Un giovedi pacifico

More from the archives / Canon FT

These images go back to August of 1869. It's ancient history to young people but it's really just yesterday. The film was Plus-X and the lens the Canon 50mm F 1.4 FL. All were shot in Castellammare del Golfo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have a stupendous Wednesday / Vi auguriamo un mercoledi stupendo

More archival shots / Nikon Ftn

The Broooklyn side of the city always fascinates me. The  two shots looking toward Manhattan, are from what is know known as DUMBO. The one at dusk is Atlantic Avenue as it ends toward the river. As I have always tried to show, it's the light that makes the shot. Surprisingly, these Ektachromes that I developed myself in the old Unichrome chemicals still hold up their color. I probably did a better job of washing them that a commercial lab. It was a tedious process but once you saw that color the moment was priceless. The middle photo was converted into black and white as I feel that it works better this way.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Have a tranquil Tuesday / Abbiate un martedi tranquillo

 Shot in Westerley, Rhode Island

Castellammare del Golfo, long ago / Canon FT

Because I have to provide an exhibit  of my photos of my beloved Castellammare del Golfo for a club's anniversary, I have become re-acquainted with film and must admit that my love for film has been re- kindled. I love it's tangible quality. it's just not a string of ones and twos. What can I say.

These photos all date back from 1969 and were shot on Plus-X.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Have a great week / Buona settimana

Mystical Mystic, Conn / E PL-2

A misty day and some soft focusing create truly mystical photos of this truly amazing town in New England.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have a peaceful Sunday / Vi auguriamo una domenica di pace


Beautiful Stonington, Conn. / E PL-2

These recently shot of storefronts from Stonington are shots that I like very much. This is really one of my favorites places in New England. More will follow.