Saturday, February 11, 2012

The saddest news of all.

Kodak was the quintessential great American company; It showed the best that American capitalism could produce. Always on the leading edge of technology. It was also one of the largest employers of the blind. The irony is that they actually developed the digital sensor!

Kodak is Closing its Camera Business

Kodak-cameras-closes.gifDespite the company's financial difficulties, and analyst recommendations to shut off nonessential parts of the business, this is a headline we didn't think we'd ever be posting. Kodak - a name that's been synonymous with cameras as far back as we can remember - is closing the doors on its camera business.

Instead of retail products, Kodak will be focusing on business solutions. You'll still see Kodak photo kiosks and dry lab stations as well as camera accessories, batteries and printers. They're also keeping film capture and photo paper in the lineup. Still cameras, digital picture frames and video cameras, on the other hand, are on the way out.

"Kodak's strategy has been to improve margins in the capture device business by narrowing our participation in terms of product portfolio, geographies and retail outlets," says Kodak consumer business president Pradeep Jotwani. "Today's announcement is the logical extension of that process."

News from Tamron

Tamron has always made interesting and very high quality lenses. My first zoom lens was the Tamron 70-210 in their clever Adaptall mount. I still have it and still works. I got the lens in 1974.

Tamron Announces World's First Full-Size High Speed Standard Zoom with Image Stabilization

tamron_a007.jpgThe SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A007) is the first of its kind, which is a phrase that must feel really good to say if you're working for Tamron. It's a full size, high speed standard zoom lens that offers VC image stabilization and USD.

The 24-70mm lens uses specialized high-grade glass in its three LD elements, three Glass Molded Aspherical lenses, a single Hybrid Aspherical Lens and a pair of XR elements. It features the moving coil method of Vibration Compensation and an ultrasonic motor powered by vibrations on a small scale.

Tamron has not yet announced a release date or price for the new lens, but the company has stated that you'll be able to pick it up for Sony, Nikon and Canon mounts.

Some price drop

Sigma Drops the Price of the SD1 Camera by $6,400

Sigma-SD1.pngThe Sigma SD1 is an impressive camera that packs some very cool technology. It boasts a 46-megapixel image sensor that captures red, blue and green colors in each pixel. As cool as it is though, shelling out $10,000 for a camera is more than most people were willing to do.

Sigma has announced that the Sigma SD1 is being relaunched as the SD1 Merrill, named for Dick Merrill, the late co-creator of the SD1's Foveon X3 image sensor. The Merrill will carry a much lower price tag of $3,300 and while some manufacturing methods have changes, the camera is the same.

The SD1 was in trouble from the start price-wise. "Even with this revolutionary image sensor, we could not solve issues related to some of the manufacturing methods before the start of mass production," reads Sigma's press release. "the production cost ended up substantially exceeding our originally expected price."

Sigma also says that there will be something in place for people that bought the SD1 at its original price. The current plan is to offer a program to get SD1 owners discounts on new Sigma products. " This support program will provide points that can be exchanged for our products," says Sigma. " It will be applicable for all Sigma products including both current and new products to be released this year."

Inetesting article on DP Review /

No future in photojournalism?
Award-winning photographer Dan Chung explains why he thinks there's no future for traditional photojournalism. As a staff photographer for the Guardian and Reuters, Dan has been touring the world's trouble-spots for more than a decade, supplying images to newspapers and websites all over the globe. But although he made his name as a stills photographer, he's been shooting increasing amounts of video both for the web and for TV. We asked him why.

Or you can click on the link in the blog/ or simply go to Ibteresting stuff.

Archival stuff.

My lovely daughter Jennifer with my Mookie, the greatest dog ever. I feel like crying whenever I see one of his photos. There's a huge void in my heart. Only those who love animals can understand this. The top photo is from film ans it's a scan. The bottom one was shot with he Canon 10D and its a digital file.

Lu beddu paisi redux / E PL-2

Cannot stay away from this place. Three more winter shots on a clear Sicilian day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Almost here / Canon 30 D

The Planting Fields Arboretum in LI is the ideal place to go on a mid winter day especially  when the camellias are in bloom. Absolute paradise. This shot with the Sigma 50 mm F 2,8 macro was shot 9n 2-19-2007. Where does time go.
More to follow soon, all shot by my wife Marcy.

Colori autunnali / Nikon D1-X

The venue is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a late October afternoon a few years ago. The lens was the my old Nikkor 35-135 F 3.504.5. Glorious colors.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

High speed lens for micro four thirds cameras from Cosina of Japan.

Absolutely great news for those of us who enjoy the small size of the micro four thirds format but need high speed lenses for low light situations. This lens becomes the  equivalent of a 35 mm lens in the classic 24X36mm 35 mm  format. Very sweet but somewhat pricey. It has a focal length of 17.5 with a maximum aperture of F .95. Amazing.From personal experiences, the Cosina lenses branded under the Voigtlander name a very well built and offer fine optical performance,

Two old studio shots / Nikon Ftn

Shot  at my old studio on East 26th Street in Manhattan a very long time ago. The film was Tri-x developed in D-76 and the lens was no other than the Nikkor 105 F 2.5. The best short telephoto lens ever made.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Main street / E PL-2

This is the main street of Honesdale, PA. Once a proud avenue of commerce it is now relegated to small fledgling stores of ephemeral longevity. Route Six Plaza and other large stores have practically put it out of business. You cannot blame people for going where the items a cheaper. I like the differently painted buildings reminiscent of Burano, but not quite. Shot on a brisk, sunny winter day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nothing to do / Nikon D-300

On a sunny but bitter cold January afternoon with nothing to do, my thoughts went to this geranium plant that is many years old as I bring it inside just before the first frost. I used the incomparable Nikkor 60mm F 2.8 Micro.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Photos are everywhere / Nikon D1-X

This photo was taken whole I wads having brunch with my daughter at a trendy, busy and slow restaurant a few years ago. A photo shot out of boredom but that it actually works. At least I think so.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soon. soon / Nikon D-700

It will soon look like this, hopefully it will be sooner than soon. These were shot in Milford PA.