Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arrivederci Kodak?

I do not want to say goodby to Kodak but it's future looks dim. I hope it's not the end. It's ironic that it was Kodak whose R&D led to the development of digital photography. Beside inventing the sensor it brought out the first DSLR. How can I ever forget the magic of Tri-X, and Opal V. And what about D-76 and Dektol. It was Kodak that made color film possible with Kodachrome, still the most archival of all color films; and it was Kodak that made color print film possible with Kodacolor. We shall all miss what was American industry and inventiveness at it's best. I hopefully will only say arrivederci.

Re tail hawk from home / Canon G-9

These photos were sent to me by my wife Marcy who captured them with the G-9 Not too shabby. Actually they are great. This large bird seems to appear in our neighborhood in Queens at this time every year. It's actually somewhat scary and a danger to small animals. The photo with the squirrel is very telling. Nice job, Marcy.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Palermo, Viale Strasburgo

The Viale Strasburgo is one of the newer avenues in Palermo. This whole area, once the famed Conca D'Oro because its orange groves with their golden fruit, was converted into high rise apartments in the sixties due to collusion between the mafia and the city administration. There was a concomitant neglect of the architecturally fabulous old areas of this magnificent ancient city once the learning center of Europe because of it's Arab, Jewish and Greek populations and roots. Fortunately this trend has been reversed as the old areas are now valued and re appreciated but also gentrified. These photos were taken with my trusty companion the Olympus E PL-2 from the balcony of my aunt and uncle's extremely large condominium.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Arancie siciliane

Thee are oranges from Ribera in Western Sicily. They are sweet and wonderfully perfumed. When you take the skin off it crumbles in your fingers as these are super fresh. Later on the oranges from eastern Sicily, around Etna will come to the market. These are the Tarocco blood oranges that contain the highest amount of vitamin C than any others. Their flavor is unusual

but equally delicious.


I want to share the sentiment against those filthy politicians who cannot keep their greedy hands from the internet . FY. They are shameful but then they have no shame.
Voglio condividere i sentimenti contro questi sporchi ladri politici cui no possono assentarsi da mettere le loro fetide mani sul'internet. Che possano tutti andare a fare in culo. Siete una vergogna ma voi non vi vergognate mai.

An abandonef factory

In the fifties, in a misguided plan to industrialize Sicily, much money was spent and ultimately wasted. He re we have an example of what is left of Sicilmarmi a huge factory that used to cut and polish marble that came from nearby quarries. Instead of improving agriculture, one of Sicily's great strengths. industry was championed but it went nowhere. Now things are changing as agriculture is seen as a business and a growth area.

Buon San Giuseppe / Happy Saint Joseph Day

And have a great week. Buona settimana a tutti
Above are the typical sfingi di San Giuseppe. Heavenly. A great cure for hypoglycemia.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sicilan artichokes

I bought these at a local fruit store at a cost of 10 for 1 and a half euros. It's artichoke season here. These have long stems that are edible and are of a reddish hue. Of course their flavor is sublime. Later on there will be different ones that are more like the ones in the States. And in the spring, the really big ones with no spines arrive, It's the beauty of eating local vegetables that are in season. Of course super market

s carry all sort of insipid stuff that is out of season.

La vecchia tunnara [la vecchia tonnaia] / E PL-3

Up to the end of the fifties the tonnaia [tuna fishing bosts]would go to sea. Now all that is left are the rusty anchors from the huge boats that were actually oar propelled. This tonnaia is slightly east of Castellammare across from the rail road station. The imposing building was the staging area and shelter for the boats. It housed all the gear. The owner and his family lived upstairs. It's all abandoned now; a sad reminder of things past.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


One photo, that of the wintry woods is from early January in Pennsylvania while the one of the field with yellow flowers is a week later in Sicily. People here complain when the weather get at around

12 degrees Celsius. What can you do. The houses do get cold and heating is needed at night but for the rest it's very pleasant.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter in Sicily

The middle of January and the countryside is in bloom. It's not warm but not very cold. The middle photo shows a grove of young olive trees that will be in bloom soon. The almonds will follow in February. When spring actually arrives you do not even notice it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It always looks more beautiful to me

I took a ride at the marina and took shots that I have taken countless times in all seasons. It always looks more beautiful to me. That mountain that seems ready to come down crushing the town, it's always deep blue sea, its strong sunshine that warms my body and heart and that lovely sky that changes colors constantly. I just love this place; the only place on E

arth where I feel truly at home.