Saturday, July 28, 2012

Winter dreams redux

Once again is about to get really hot around here so my thoughts go to snow and winter that I actually abhor but in moments of lassitude I find comforting. As the old song goes it's a passing fancy.

One reason for this blog is to share my photographic knowledge with other so these photos were shot through a screen window but focusing almost at the screen to create the intended effect. I hope you like them.

Have a cool Sunday / Vi auguriamo una domenica fresca.

Now for the serious stuff, GARLIC

Just bought these from a farmer who comes to town daily on his three wheel motor cart of sorts to sell his gorgeous garlic. This bunch was 8 Euros and considering that at the super markets a package of three,  and not very fresh, cost one Euro, they were a bargain. This is the smallest trizza or treccia in Italian. This word has  an   ambiguous meaning of collar, necklace, chain etc. After eating these you can get a seat even in the Tokyo subway.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Centro Culturale Peppino Caleca

Living in my beloved Castellammare del Golfo, I come into contact with many interesting people. None a dearer to me than the members of the Centro Culturale Peppino Caleca. This is an association of poets who write in Sicilian. It must be stated that Sicilian is a very poetic language and that it was Italy's first literary language in the 12th hundreds. The sonnet, was  first developed in Sicily by Lentini a port in the Court of Frederick II, stupor mundi. The members of the group range from the  92 years old Vito Sottile to the 19 years old  Angelica Ferrantelli. The reason of the photos was a visit we made to the home of the association's oldest stateman, Mr. Sottile whose energy and mental acumen stunned me. Here are some photos to sort of share the event with my dear visitors who by now realize that my love for Sicily and all that is Sicilian has no bounds.
Top two photos are L to R Mr Antonio Fontana and Mr Sottile, the third from the top is of Mr. Sottile, the fourth from the top is of Mr Fontana while the photo above is of Ms  Ferrantelly, the youngest member,
{eppino Caleca who died recently was the town chef poet in importance, followed by Vincenzo Ancona who died a few years ago.

The big picture

Thanks to our friends at Steves Digicams

Getty and Fujitsu Will Create a 20-Gigapixel Picture of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Olympic-20GP-shot.jpgIt's been a little while since we've seen one of those massive pictures that seemed to be released one after the other last year, but the folks at Getty images are prepping to make one of their own this Friday at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

The picture will be 20-gigapixels worth of detail and will be available to view on the Getty Images site on the morning of Saturday the 28th.

"The Opening Ceremony Gigapixel image is the result of just one of the new technologies we are embracing, to ensure London 2012 is captured like no other Games," says Getty SVP Adrian Murrell. "The Games are always synonymous with world records being broken and iconic moments being captured; with over 70,000 people expected at the Opening Ceremony, this image will capture this momentous occasion in innovative, high-resolution detail."
Personally I find the whole idea of the olympic an exercise in hypocrisy and fascism bordering on the racist and super nationalistic. It ends up dividing rather than uniting people. But that is my curmudgeonly opinion of a real cinic. But as photo news the item has interest.

Have a paceful week end / vi auguriamo ona fine di settimana pacicica

Il corso

Corso Garibaldi, Castellammare's main street is the center of the town's activities. It has changed much since the time that the top photo was shot on Tri- X [ black and white]  in 1969.
Now there are many more cafes and boutiques and there are muni meters to print tickets so one can pay to park. There's also more congestion.

These are also of the Corso that begins  at the second or newer bridge where the town's walls were. To top one uses the dramatic filter on the E PL-2.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More from Baltimore again [part 2]

What can I say I just love this area of the good old USA.
Have a fabulous Thursday / Abbiate un favoloso giovedi'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I ponti vecchi di Castellammare / Old Bridges.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday /  Buon Mercoledi.

These are the bridges that used to separate the town from the outside world. The old town was of course walled and it's castle was literally on the water.

Monday, July 23, 2012

La plaia beach / Have a lovely / Tuesday / Buon Martedi

The beach in Castellammare is known as the Plaia, the Italian version of Playa from the Spanish word due to the fact that the Spaniards were once here among others who conquered this strategically important island.

It's a very lovely beach that is on the eastern part of the town.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have a delicious week / Abbiate una settimana deliziosa

It takes a person From Campania to make a really delicious spachetti alle vongole. Spaghetti with clam sauce. Needless to say, these super fresh clams cooked by my friend Teresa, my cousin's partner of the moment, was absolutely to die for.