Saturday, April 28, 2012

Have a lovely Sunday / Buona domenica

Colorful fields / E PL-2

This time of the year, the ground in Sicily is full of very colorful wild flowers. Absolutely lovely.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Saturday / Buon sabato

Scopello / E PL-2

This lovely spot, very close to Castellammare is famous for it's absolutely pristine water, As you can see from the photos, the water is extremely clean and rich in color. More postings will follow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Friday / Buon venerdi'

Fresh Sicilian produce / E PL-2

We have here just bought and harvested  medlars, Ribera oranges and sweet, and I mean sweet peas   Just bought them at the farmer's market here. Just delicious.

Have a bright Thursday / Un giovedi' brillante a tutti

Remember when?

The NY Post was 5 cents and the Times had just gone to 15 cents. Hard to believe. Was it that long ago?
This photo was shot at a news tand at the Jackson Heights subway station with the Canon FT, the Canon 50mm F. 1.5 FL lens on Tri-X. Those were the days. I just love the cat in the picture,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Festa della liberazione

Today, April 25th, is a national day in Italy. It's the celebration of that happy day when on April 25th, 1945, the nazis and fascists were finally defeated for good.

Have a wonderful Wednesday / Buon mercoledi'

Archival shots from Central Park

These were all shot on Tri-X, It was many years ago but little has changed.

Have a bright Wednesday / Viauguriamo un mercoledi' brillante


Another theme group of archival shots. It's amazing how the camera can capture these feelings and convey such emotions.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For those of you who like to fiddle as oppose to those of us who take pictures


Adobe Launches Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended

The latest versions of Photoshop have finally here! CS6 and CS6 extended add many new features to the software, such as Content-Aware Patch, a new Blur interface and design tools both new and re-designed. The update also adds the so called Adobe Mercury graphics engine, which allows Photoshop to make use of your graphics card for processing power.

"Creativity is at the very center of our efforts," says product VP Winston Hendrickson, "both in developing exceptional tools, and enabling our users to create beautiful imagery that stands out from the visual clutter around us."

If you're believe that the photos are "photoshopped" and not taken you can enter this third dimension with your pictures, CS6 Extended has plenty to offer you. It includes different 3D effects and 3D workflows to allow you to work in the new environment with aplomb.

Have a wonderful Tuesday / Buon martedi'

The flag

I am beginning an occasional postings og photos that have a common theme. Most are archival shots whose shooting data is really lost but it's really not important. The photos are what's important.  They were all shot on Tri-X, however.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Have a wonderful Monday / Buon lunedi'

Street photography / Canon Ft

I just love this  old archival shot. It says a lot about a certain lonesomeness in the urban world. This was shot on a Brooklyn street with Panatomic-X developed in Agfa Rodina in 1:75 dilution.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Unusual problems with a fine camera

Canon 5D Mark III Shipments delayed While Issue is Investigated

HR_5D_MARKIII_EF24-105_BGE11_3Q_CL.jpgThe Canon 5D Mark III is an superb camera with impressive specs and abilities, but according to reports from across the internet, there is one case where it it isn't superb. Specifically when used in dark environments or under bright conditions, light can leak into the camera, causing a 1/3 stop exposure difference. This can be due to the sunlight coming in or even the light from the LCD - a detriment when shooting in a dark studio.

The engineers at Canon are aware of the issue and they've told their retailers that shipments of the Mark III will be on stopped until the issue has been fully investigated.
That is really too bad. But such things do happen occasionally when new products are released. awe are sure that Canon will solve this problem real soon.

Poppies / Canon 5-D

I just love the tender and delicate feeling that poppies exude. These were shot at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with the Sigma 50mm F 2.8 macro lens.

Have a sweet Sunday / Una dolce domenica a tutti