Tuesday, June 9, 2009



The nature of this blog is to put in perspective some of the trendier aspects of photography and how digital has impacted the whole genre.
We will try to debunk many of the assertions that have become truisms only because they have been repeated "ad infinitum" so they become accepted as facts.
Some of these are:
[A] The lager the number of mega pixels, the better the image.
[B] The better camera makes the better photographers.
[C] What is or is not a "professional camera."
[D] T he whole matter os so called "fine art photography."
[E] Art and what is it in photography.
[F] Resolution and what it implies.

These are only a few topics that we will expound on.
I hope that a lively debate will ensue. Hopefully it will be intelligent, informative and fun.
After all if it's not fun there is no point.
Other interests such as books, food, pets and travel will also be discussed.
So stay tuned.

Rocco Galatioto