Saturday, November 2, 2013

There's still much color out there

On a cloudy day the colors of  fall flowers become wonderfully saturated.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Have a delicious weekend

These are patate vastase or in Sicilian, patati vastasi. The dish may look like pizza but it is made up mainly of potatoes and actually tastes like pizza,
Slice the potatoes thinly and place them on a baking pan that has been lightly oiled. salt them with se salt from Trapani, slice onions over them and add sprinkles of Sicilian EVO. place in the oven at about 400 Fahrenheit. When they are half way baked, add fior di latte mozzarella, that is the one usually sold in water, sliced fresh peeled and seeded tomatoes and sprinkle Sicilian oregano. Accept no substitutes on the oil, oregano and sea salt. Return to the oven and bake until the potatoes are soft.

A retro Nikon DF? Stay tuned.

The much rumored retro-styled full frame camera from Nikon may be getting closer to reality. The latest teaser video from Nikon offers the best view of what the camera's looks, with close-up shots of the camera's side, back, and top-plate (a traditional shutter speed dial is visible). The fifth of November looks like it could be memorable for those of us who take photography seriously. Go to for details.


A walk in the park, again

Waiting for rain and on a cloudy day, one can find many photo ops close to home.  The lack of sun can make colors, especially autumnal ones stand out. This is again Juniper Valley Park, very close to home and, BTW, my dogs favorite morning stomp.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Could this be it?

Ever since digital appeared, I have been hoping for a basic  manual focus camera like a Nikon FM or F3. I do not need or ever use all the bells and whistles that manufactures feel obliged to add to digital cameras. There has bee much buzz about a basic camera by Nikon and in theirs site they have a video that teases us into believing that this may in fact be true. Let us hope.

Nikon's Pure Photography Video Hints of an Imminent Camera Announcement

Thumbnail image for Nikon Logo.jpgIf you've been visiting Nikon's website, you may have seen  some very intriguing  videos with the title, "Soon, it will be in your hands again..... Pure Photography". The videos show a photographer in various locations, with a unique looking camera that you only get to see from a few angles. They end with a brief view of the front of a camera, however it's dark and shadowed so you can't make out much. As of today (Oct. 30th), they are on video #4. What do they want to put on our hands again? Could it be an FM? Or even an FE or an F3 or even best of all a digital F 100? Could it actually be a new  F7 film camera? What gives? Check it out at the Nikon USA website to see for yourself, and maybe you can figure it out. You can also visit their Facebook or YouTube pages to see past videos.


Back to Northampton

I absolutely love Northampton Massachusetts with its quaint streets ans stores, Here are a few more images that I dug up. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The cheap sunglasses trick

In the bad old days of film - before Photoshop - we used to put all sorts of devices in front of the lens in order to obtain unusual results. With all the so called filters in the various photo software products, this practice has all but disappeared. I was at the Brooklyn Botanic a few days ago and as I was about to exit the Japanese Garden, I decided to place my wife's pinkish sunglasses in front of the lens. The results are rather uncanny. Neat, really and worth pursuing again.
Obviously, the top photo is without any glasses, I am fully aware that the more nerdy among you will say that I could have used the channels controls in Photoshop, but this was more fun and even more up to chance. And if this isn't fun why do it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You don't have to roam far

If you have an appreciation and an understanding  of "the light" you can find interesting shots close to home. These are all from afternoon walks with my impatient dog in Juniper Valley Park. The photos are all out there, just waiting to be taken.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Breakfast at the Isaiah Jones Homestead

This is the final post about this marvelous place located in Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween party at the dog park

Halloween used to be a children's' affair but it has mushroomed into an adult holiday and even an excuse to include dogs. As a long time member of the K 9 Korral dog park at Forest Park in Queens, I have seen many dogs and many events but this gets the cake, I realize that we animal people are a little nuts but something like this is....I better stop here and quote from a Sicilian proverb that says that the best word is that not said. Nevertheless, the dogs were pretty and many of the costumes very ingenuous and we all had a great time. When I say we I naturally include the dogs. Natyrally it made for some nice photo ops. Enjoy.