Saturday, April 5, 2014


It sure looks like vanity but what does it matter. I like this photo that I shot at an outdoor event a few years ago with a Canon 1D-II.

Girl with the golden earing?

This photo reminds a lot of Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earing. I was lucky to see this painting  this winter at the Frick Collection and was astonished. This photo was taken about 6 years ago at a day care center run by Catholic Charities, my client at the time. There's an uncanny resemblance.although the girl in the photo is much younger than the young woman in the painting. Very odd, but I like this photo very much.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Have a beautiful weekend

Dignified portrait

This is a portrait of a consumer at the Carey Adult Day Care Center run by Catholic Charities, my client. It was the day that former Governor Hugh Carey was to visit]so everyone was dressed up. This is one of my favorite portraits. This young woman was totally un self conscious and agreed willingly to be photographed. I used only window light. The camera was the Canon D-1 and the year was 2003. One must always show respect for the subject being photographed.

Snake Charmer

This shot dates from June of 1974 and is of a snake charmer Tangiers. It was shot on Kodachrome 25 and scanned. The camera was the Nikon FTn with the 105 F 2.5 Nikkor.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Sunday afternoon at the park

Naturally, the park can only be Central Park. There are more stately and even more beautiful parks. The Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris and Villa D'Este in Rome come to mind, but nowhere can one find the energy or the variety of characters that Central Park has on any given day and especially on weekends. It is a great place to exercise street photography. These are from a few years ago and were shot with the Nikon D-200.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For Pentax fans

The venerable Pentax brand was  super popular and  very important in the sixties. Alas, with competition it began to lose it's popularity. When Ricoh  bought the name, we felt it was all over. But the new owner has kept it's promise and Pentax is now a serious player in the digital camera field. What makes it special is the ability for the cameras to use the countless lenses made for it.

New PENTAX Q7 Kit Features Four High-Performance Lenses, Special Accessories and Exclusive Packaging  
DENVER, CO, April 2, 2014 – Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation  (Ricoh Imaging) is pleased to announce the PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit, featuring the world smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera system, four high-performance lenses and a host of accessories all wrapped up in an exclusive package.
Available in a limited quantity of 1,000 units world-wide, the PENTAX Q7 premium kit includes the following items:
  • PENTAX Q7 camera body (Color: black x black)
  • PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME (Color: black)
  • PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM (Color: black)
  • MH-RB40.5 Metal Hood for 01 (Color: black)*
  • PH-RBB40.5 Plastic Hood for 02
  • PH-RBA40.5 Plastic Hood for 06
  • PH-RBF49 Plastic Hood for 08
  • PENTAX -100 PL Polarizing filter**
  • O-CB133 Camera Bag
  • Special kit box
  •  A limited edition that will make it a better value.
  •  You get all of the above for about $1200.00, a bargain by today's standards.  Great going Ricoh.

I wish it were really spring

Spring will be a little late this year, I'm afraid. These photos from the spring of 2005 shot with the Nikon D1-X may help set the proper mood.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New from Olympus

Almost on the ropes a short time ago, Olympus has regrouped and has come out fighting. They should change their name to Phoenix. There has been a flurry of developments and among the new cameras introduced this new compact stands out. It's the Stylus SH1 IS. A new high quality compact.

Along with the announcement of their new TOUGH TG-3, Olympus released a new compact super-zoom with some very appealing features. The new SH-1 IS sports some high end specifications, such as  a 24x optical zoom lens with a 5-axis mechanical image stabilization; the first  ever for a compact camera. Not bad for a company that almost folded.

It also has the identical TruePic VII image processor found in their OM-D line of ILCs, a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor, built-in Wi-Fi, a feature that has become a necessity these days and full 1080p HD video recording at 60p. The housing  is a chic and rugged aluminum-alloy frame.
Go to for the full press release.

One happy dog

This is Charlie my Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog . He is a water dog so he loves puddles and water in general. I shot these this morning in a huge puddle at my local park. He was one happy dog.

Where are they now?


Photography's greatest ability is to freeze a moment in time. This old newsstand at the  82nd Street Jackson Heights subway station in Queens was photographed in 1970. I remember the shot like i remember most of the better shots I have ever taken. The camera was the Canon FT with the 50mm F 1.4 Canon FL lens. The film was, naturally, Tri-X. But what intrigues me is that perhaps neither of the two subjects may not be  be alive any longer. The cat  is certainly dead now. Yet this moment lives forever. And, the NY Post was only 15 cents.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Drum lesson

This professional drummer was teaching young people the art of drumming. These shots go back a few years and were shot at the Hagedorn Family Resource Center in Hempstead, Long Island, NY.

Have a beautiful new week

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More D 600 issues.

Nikon announces it will replace the faulty units

March 28, 2014
With regard to the issue with which multiple granular black spots are reflected in images captured with the D600 digital SLR camera, Nikon sincerely apologizes for any concern and inconvenience suffered by D600 users, retailers, and all concerned.
Because Nikon takes this matter very seriously, we will continue to offer users of the D600 a special service with which cameras are inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, shutter and related components are replaced free of charge, even after the product warranty has expired. However, if a number of multiple granular black spots are still noticeable in images captured with a D600 upon which the above service has been performed several times, Nikon will replace it with a new D600 or an equivalent model.
Nikon will continue to work to improve the quality of its products and services even further.
We hope that you will continue to choose Nikon products for your photographic needs.
The source is NIKON

Have a peaceful Sunday

Yashicamat 124, Tri-X Professional, 120