Saturday, November 24, 2012

How it was / A new series

These photos of Scopello, the tuna fishing town that is in the territory of Castellammare is now a big tourist attraction because it offers  natural beauty and superb swimming in very clean water. But along with tourism comes the concomitant ugliness in the form of bars, restaurants, parking areas, traffic, souvenir shops, and all sorts of signs pointing to places to stay; not to mention the ads and the "typical" ceramic on the walls of shops. These may be made in Sicily but but more likely come from China. The place has assumed an artificial look. I only go there off season to avoid all the congestion. In the late sixties and up to the seventies, there were mild tourism and the place still looked unique. Now it looks just like any other touristy place on Earth. Too bad as the soul of the place has been sucked right out of it. At least, I have my old photos and my good memories of this place. I want to share some with you.
This is the start of a new series that I will post as I ebbark in scanning the thousand of slides in my archives.

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