Friday, January 25, 2013

Risotto, local style

This very simple comfort and cucina povera  food is now called risotto but it differs much from the traditional Milanese risotti as it's very simple and has no meat or chicken broth. I cooked the cauliflower in olive oil,  peeled and  then crushed tomatoes, and garlic. Sea salt and black pepper  was added to taste. This is the classic affogato recipe that here in Castellammare we used to call brocculu pisciatu that means "pissed on cauliflower." Please do not ask why. I cooked the rice al dente and then added it to the cauliflower. It was served with local incanestrato, the Sicilan version of pecorino cheese that has a tangier, fuller taste. Simplicity in itself and great for a rainy wintry evening supper.

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