Friday, January 4, 2013

Start kissing traditional photography goodby

This is another development in  an accelerating rate of change [sounds like calculus] that is making the heavy and sexy large cameras obsolete. It's happening faster than anyone anticipated.  

Toshiba is Making a Lightfield Camera for Smartphones

Toshiba-lightfield-smartphone-camera.jpgRecently, one of the most paradigm shifting developments in camera technology  is Lytro's lightfield camera, that takes images in  a way that one can focus after the shot has  been taken. It may not be foe everyone but there's much promise the technology, especially with  cheaper cameras.  historically 

Toshiba is taking this technology and using it in  smartphones and, perhaps, tablets.  What is interesting is that your cell phone can out perform your expensive DSLR. Go figure.

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