Thursday, January 10, 2013

Very interesting...4K

 4K resolution is 4X the resolution of a full HD screen and with an i5 processor, this becomes a very useful tool for photographers. It's incredible how fast things  are changing.

Panasonic new super HD tablet

Unlike last year's Consumer Electronics Show that brought a large number of new tablets to light, 2013 is a much quieter year on the tablet front this week at ECS in Las Vegas.  Panasonic is showing a prototype of a 20-inch 4k (3840x2560, 230ppi) tablet that from an imaging point of view appears to be one of the most interesting products at this show. The device is aimed at creative professionals such as architects, designers and photographers.
It runs Windows 8, is powered by an Intel i5 processor and comes with 4GB RAM  which can be expanded to 16GB. Despite the large screen size, the battery life is listed as approximately 2 hours. Panasonic claims the color reproduction is very accurate and the tablet comes with a high-resolution digital pen (Anoto touch-pen) for precise control and data input. This should be competition to Apple's retina display.
Although  just a protoype, the device on display looks very well assembled and appears to be fully working.
It looks like a very interesting development and an item to watch. No pricing information or availability were announced. Stay tuned.

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