Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

The great Italian comic Totò whose name was Antonio De Curtis was also a great poet and song writer. He wrote most of his poems in his native Neapolitan language.
A cunzegna or The handing over of a duty is one of my favorites.

'A sera quanno 'o sole se nne trase
e dà 'a cunzegna 'a luna p' 'a nuttata,
lle dice dinto 'a recchia: "I' vaco à casa:
t'arraccumanno tutt' 'e nnammurate."

I will attempt a translation

At evening time when the Sun goes inside
and hand it's nightly duties to the Moon,
it whispers in her ears: "I'm going home,
take good care of all the lovers

Have a great Valentine

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