Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simple studio light

Let's face it, the best light is from a window facing north [in the northern hemisphere] of course. If this light is not available, a simple umbrella will do nicely. A white reflector is useful because film or digital has a limited dynamic range. These two old photos were shot in my studio on East 26th Street in Manhattan, many years ago. The camera was the Nikon Ftn with the Nikkor 105 f 2.5 lens on Tri-X Pan. I used to employ this technique on location when shooting corporate portraits to the surprise of my subjects  were used to being photographed by lesser mortals who used a plethora of lighting equipment only to impress. I must state that one they saw the results my costumers were duly impressed by my simple technique. I learned this from my teacher Josef Btreitenbach.

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