Friday, August 28, 2015

Greetings from Paris.

As you know, I love this city but I have serious reservations about coffee  here. There's no such thing as French Roast as it's an American invention. Here they all have is Italian espresso makers with which they make what they believe to be coffee, a watered down black coffee that is totally undrinkable.  All is macchiato, caffelatte, espresso and cappuccino. None of which resembles the real ones. A cultural offense. Arriving from Italy where one has to kneel in front of the espresso, Paris is a total let down. The food is OK but unless one goes for the pretentious, its average. But it's still Paris. What can I say. The metro is the best in the world and the museums rule. Here is a photo  I just shot in Versailles. It's easy to see why the French revolution took place even though there are very few examples of fraternite', equalite' and liberte' visible. Plus ca change plus est la meme chose. C'est la vie.

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