Monday, September 7, 2015

The last fisherman?

A gain I decry this modernization hat has eaten the soul out of my town. All is pointing toward tourism at the expense of the traditional activities such as fishing farming and other local industries. The marina is no longer a truly functioning one and there are only a handful of fishermen left. It's all restaurants, bars, and hotels that  could really be anywhere. Nothing unique has been retained. Very sad. This old fisherman lives up the street from me. I must say that in this street there still is much of the street life left although the smart phones are everywhere and  young people are always texting to one another. His name is Giuseppe and he is addressed as uncle a tittle of great respect here. He was  trying to mend old nets.Today no one mends nets because they are made of synthetic fibers. This skill will also be lost. The New York T shirts sort of says it all.


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