Thursday, November 12, 2015

Frozen time

The most unsettling aspect of photography is actually it's greatest asses. This is the ability for a photo to freeze time. I used to be that old photos looked old and dated because the quality of the images had all faded or changed their hues. With modern technology photos hardly age. With digital they do not age at all. These photos from 1973, 42 years ago are of a film group called Total Impact. They worked out of a loft on Third Avenue and Fourteen Street in Manhattan. It was close to my studio on Lexington Avenue and Twenty Six Streets. I knew one of the big shots there so on more than one occasion I would take my Leica M-4, my Weston Master V light meter and take available light shots. These are all on high speed Ektachrome that is very low speed by today's standards, What makes these images unsettling is that these four individuals were young and in the prime of their lives. I cannot imagine what they look like today. The camera froze them forever. It is really strange but wonderful. The camera will make you live forever. Nothing else can do that.

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