Saturday, November 21, 2015

The glory of Kodachrome II

It's without a doubt that Kodachrome II was the finest color film ever made. A testament to American ingenuity. Kodak was symbolic of American industrial genius. Once it simply made the best products. The ironic fact is that Bayer who invented the digital sensor for imaging was working for Kodak. They invented themselves out of existence. Unlike Fuji who was relentless in innovation, Kodak, alas, became run by the so called CEO class who listened to lawyers rather than chemists and engineers. So when Fuji would come out with a killer film, Kodak would sue fore patent infringements instead of making even better products.
Kodachrome II was one of the legendary Kodak Products of yore. In 1974, it became Kodachrome 25 but it lost it's magic not to mention it's archival qualities. It's colors faded while the older Kodachrome II was almost fade resistant. These images were shot on Kodachrome II on one of my last rolls. Only window light was used. I scanned them and did no restoration at all. What vivid colors 41 years later. Progress is not always what it's cut out to be. Too bad.

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