Saturday, March 19, 2016

Back to the past

Segesta, lovely Segesta. This unique Doric temple is unique because it lacks a cella or an interior room. The word cell obviously comes from cella. This archaeological site contains the temple and an amphitheater that is still being used to stage plays and musical events.   The city was actually an instigator that led to Athens' ill fated attempt to destroy Syracuse in 414 BC. It was the beginning of the end of Athens' Power. At any rate this is an important tourist site. I remember going there as a child. We went by train and walked up from the station. These images, from 1969, a less touristy era, are the first I ever made here as  this was my first visit as a adult. Of course it was the first of many. This place offers great photo ops. To show the age of the images, it suffices to say that they were shot on Ansco Pan 100 with a Yashicamat 124 camera. The film was developed in FR 100 developer. I always tried different film and developer combinations. I'm pleasantly surprised at these scans that came out very well in terms of contrast and tonality.

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