Friday, September 2, 2016

It's always the food

Yes indeed, it's always the food. What can I say. We Italians are absolutely obsessed with food and in Sicily we have the tastiest food in Italy. The fish, vegetables and cheeses are extraordinary. The bread is from heaven, the olive oil is superb and the restaurants are memorable. The two dishes shown here are from the Peccati di Gola restaurant located a short walk from our house. The owner is a Facebook friend and naturally was very friendly but he is very personable and amiable to all the costumers. we went on two different occasions and these dishes were what I ordered. One is fish couscous and the busiate pasta is with pesto trapanese. Both were delicious. Along with these we ordered mussels cooked in lemon juice. My wife had the prawns on both occasions. All dishes were outstanding and the prices reasonable. Not to be missed.

iPhone image

iPhone image

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