Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Buon appetito dalla Sicilia

My trips to Sicily are basically ethnic replenishers. I really take very few pictures but put my stress on the delicious food. As Barzini said, Italian food is a celebration of nature so that in order to pull this magic off one needs absolutely fresh and quality ingredients. Naturally there's no place in Italy that has better ingredients than Sicily. Just ask any one who has visited. The food is tastier here. These are dishes that I coked up for lunch. Here lunch is the main meal. As you know, we Italians do not do big breakfasts or heavy suppers. A big lunch followed by a period of rest. Naturally this tradition is at variance with the needs of modern society but those of us who able to carry on, do so with adamant determination.

Bucatini with fresh tomato sauce

Boiled snake squash with tender leaves

Tagliatelle with Pachino cherry tomatoies

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