Monday, May 22, 2017

Paris, a love affair

In the so called summer of love, I met the woman of my dreams  with whom I'm still madly in love. Unfortunately she had a ticket to fly. After she departed on Icelandic Airlines, I felt my world going to pieces. I got a passport on the same day at Rockefeller Center. got a ticket also on Ielandic to Luxenbourg and went after her. This is before any of the modern communication devices, smartphones or any sort of instant messaging and it was when  there still existed so called overseas operators to place calls to Europe etc. I sent a telegram to the American Express office in London because I knew she would be there and hoped for the best. Well because of synchronicity she  got the message and met my plane at Luxembourg. We went to Paris the next day after changing at Metz and arrived at the Gare de L'est. At this point my love affair with this sublime city began. Wel we have been back many times. The first photo may be from 1969  while the other is from April of this year. I can only say that it was much quieter then. But I must say Parigi ti amo, I love you.
This year marked the 50th anniversaryb of that glorious event so we booked on Iceland Air and we went in April so we would see the famous chestnuts in blossom, as the song goes.

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