Friday, June 2, 2017

Return to Erice

Whenever a new arrivals to Sicily visits me,  I always take them to Erice, a wonderful medieval hilltop village that offers spectacular views. For example one can see the Egadi Islands of Favignana, Levanto and Marettimo alond with Trapani and the sea salt flats considered by experts to produce the best  sea salt in the world. I fully agree. Naturally Erice has many streets full of crowds, restaurants and gift shops. The real pleasure is visiting the many side streets that are tranquil and peaceful. The modern state of the art cable car that one can take to avoid motor traffic  is a marriage of modern engeneering and Italian creativity. This is definitively a must see place. And if you do go you must visit the Caff√® del convento to really taste a true cannolo that is a life changing experience. Happy trails.

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