Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to before


These photos  shot in Old Quebec City all go back to June of 1973   and are all son Kodachrome X at a "fast" ISO [ASA] of 64. The camera was the Leica M-4 with that glorious Summicron 35mm F 2. A Weston Master V [five]  selenium  hand held  light meter [made in New Jersey] was used to measure the light.

Back to before Kodak changed it's emulsions with unexpected results that with the benefit of hindsight started it's decline. It was the beginning of Fuji that bid its time and kept on improving  their  products to the point that many pros began to prefer them over Kodak's. The result. alas is that Kodak is gone while Fuji   is stronger than ever.

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