Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back to the present

I'm always amused when people state how much they love film and how digital is somehow not as good or expressive. Just try to scan old slides with their faded colors, dust and scratches to make you see how wonderful digital is. But to each his own. I still believe that LP's are superior to CD's but this is really due to the CD's lack of bandwidth and linear encoding. If they had waited a few more years, CD's could have rivaled the old LP's. But with digital, things keep on getting better all the times as each camera is able to take better photos. This is not due to more pixels but to better pixels. there's point where more may not really be better as one is left with huge files. The idea to record everything is not a very artistic one but  naturalistic nonsense. For that we can just use our eyes. Art must be much more. It is saying more with less, in a way.

These recent photos of my all time favorite building in New York, the Flatiron Building sort of prove the point. Here the LX-7 captures interesting images with it's 10 mega pixels sensor but with it's superb Leica designed lens expressively designed for it. With film, long exposures were difficult because of reciprocity failure that gave unwanted and unexpected color shifts, for example.

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