Monday, October 3, 2016

Fooling around

At times I feel like bending the rules. Instead of going crazy about resolution and color accuracy that are really anti art and just super silly techie garbage, I try to use an image in a more graphical manner. Not really abstract but outside the norms. In these images, I used a rather old camera that had a lens that today's techies would dismiss as being plainly low res. I then scanned them photo graphic. I dare say artistic but I do not consider myself an artist nor do I consider photography a true art form. If photography is ever to be an art form, it must move away from all the tech nonsense and get back to making graphic images. If I need super accuracy or super naturalism, I already have my eyes and I do not need a camera. Just my opinion. You are naturally at liberty to dissent.

with a rather poor scanner. The result are images that may not be true to life but are very

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