Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just for today, 7-15-10 Canon G-11

I decided as I have stated many times in the post that traveling light enhances the pleasure of travel photography. I just got the G-11 that I will take to Italy later in July and will give it to my oldest son Joseph, whose baby photo is posted below, so he can use a good camera for his real estate business. I have seen some of his photos and I'm impressed so I will encourage him. When anf if he is ready to go to the next level I will give him a DSLR. I am semi retired and do not need all my equipment anyway. So this lily pland is in my back yard and after a rain that was much needed I ran out to test the camera, that is if it worked. I do not do "tests," I just use my cameras. I did use flash fil if you must know.
It appears that this will be a very nice camera to take along. The 28mm equivalent wide angle is a welcome change from the G-9. BTW, Canon originally followed the G-10 that had 14 mega pixels. Ridiculous in view of the small sensor. It has now scaled the G-11 to 10 mega pixels, a very good idea.

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