Friday, July 16, 2010

Poor Sicily

Our woes started with Odysseus tricking and killing Polyphemus who was minding his business tending to his flock. This started that series un unwelcome but passively resisted invasions that varied from the enlightened as those of the Greeks and Arabs to the despicably barbaric such as the Romans, the French and the Spaniards who introduced all their superstitions and backwardness. Even today, it's obvious that every where the Spaniards went, misery and poverty followed. To top it off, they introduced the inquisition in 1492, that supremely Catholic institution.
POVERA SICILIA come sei stata e sei ancora fredata da tutti. Noi che abbiamo creato L'Italia e stiamo al punto di ricrearla, questa volta da parte dalle nostre belle e intelligentissimi d.onne

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