Monday, November 12, 2012

Archival slide scans

Naturally photos are everywhere to be shot. Here I was walking in Central park in a wintry Sunday afternoon in Central Park and passed by the boat house with the boats out of the water as it was February. What makes the shot is the use of a short telephoto or what many will calla portrait lens. Needless to say, the lens was my trusted Nikkor 105 F 2.5 a true optical gem if there ever was one. A lens that I still have and treasure after all these years and one that keeps repeating how valuable Nikon has always been to photographers. It's lenses have never become obsolete and for this I'm eternally grateful to this truly great camera maker. The film was Ektachrome 100 that I would buy in 100 feet rolls and make may own rolls and I developed in Unicolor chemicals. The amazing thing is that they have lost just a little of their color and general brightness but with minimal Photoshop tweaking, I was able to restore some of tat  faded glory. They may be cliche to a point but I like them.

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