Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The lines are getting blurred

As we have been stating for some time now is the almost foregone conclusion that the traditional camera will cease being a "camera" but will be a "device" that will be used in new ways. It will be a camera phone and a WI FI device all wrapped up in one. The great progress in call phone photo capabilities should be a clue. This joint development between AT&T and Samsung should add more proof to the case. This is what is known as progress and we welcome this development as an inevitable course of events. 
Joint camera  venture from AT&T and Samsung
 US cellphone network AT&T will sell Samsung's Galaxy Camera from November 16th at a price of $499. The Android 4.1 connected camera, which essentially adds a 21x zoom compact camera to a Galaxy SIII smartphone (with the omission of phone function), will cost the same amount with or without a data contract - rather than being subsidized by the carrier, as smartphones usually are. Anyone buying a Samsung smartphone at the same time can receive up to a $100 discount. The AT&T version of the camera will offer a HSPA+ connection, not the faster LTE system.

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